Master of Science (Chemistry)

Degree Code : MSCH

Study Campus

Bengaluru City University Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru- 560001, Karnataka. Phone : (080) 2213 1385


The Department was started in the year 1908. Prof. F. L. Usher, a student of Sir William Ramsey, Nobel laureate (1904) was appointed as the first Professor of the department in the year 1910. The department was affiliated to the University of Madras until 1916. It attained the status of a University Department after the establishment of University of Mysore. It came under the administrative control of Bangalore University in the year 1964. Since its inception the Department had specializations in the area of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. Biochemistry was introduced in 1973 and Analytical Chemistry specialization in as 2007. The development of the department during the past century is due to the efforts of a galaxy of teachers that include Prof. M. Shadaksharaswamy, Prof. T. H. Venkata Setty, Prof. G. K. Narayana Reddy, Prof. K.M. Sivanandaiah and Prof M.P Venkatappa The lead and the impetus provided by these eminent scientists have led to the blossoming of research in the modern area of Chemistry. Encouraged by the past glory, the Department is striving hard to create a niche for itself in national and international domains of research and teaching.

The year 2009 marked the completion of the centenary year of the Chemistry Department. The year was celebrated by conducting a number of seminars and other activities culminating in the conduct of an international Conference during December 2020.

Central college has become the headquarters of Bengaluru Central University in the year 2017 due to trifurcation of Bangalore University in 2015 It has been renamed as Bengaluru City University in 2019 with 239 affiliated Colleges and 23 post graduate departments.


To strive for excellence in education for the realization of a vibrant and inclusive society through knowledge creation and dissemination.


1. Impart quality education and promote scientific temper
2. Blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills
3. Promote academic excellence through quality teaching and research
4. Provide access to higher education to all sections of society
5. Inculcate right values among students
6. Promote leadership qualities among students
7. Produce socially sensitive citizens
8. Hasten the process of creating a knowledge society

Sl. No. Name of the Teacher Specialization Research Field No. of Publications Total citations H index Dec 2019
1 Prof. M. Pandurangappa Inorganic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry/Electroanalysis 80 753 15
2 Prof. S. Hari Prasad Organic Chemistry Organosilicon Chemistry/Coupling Reactions/Click Chemistry 50 240 09
3 Prof. P. R. Chetana Inorganic Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry 22 364 08
4 Prof. K. Shivashankar Organic Chemistry Heterocyclic Chemistry 54 591 13  
  • B.Sc., (Basic /Hons.)
  • M.Sc. Chemistry
  • Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
  • Ph.D. (Chemistry)
  • Ph. Ds (Awarded- 40 In, Progress: 10)

Research Publications (2016-2020)

Paper in JournalsBooks/Book chaptersReview articlePatents


Sl. No.Name of the TeacherFunding AgencyTotal amount Sanctioned(in Lakhs, INR)Current Status
1Prof. M. Pandurangappa

DST (2005-2008)

UGC (2009-2012)

DST (2010-2013)










2Prof. V. GayathriUGC (2011-2014)8.0Completed
3Prof. S. Hari Prasad

UGC-MRP (2009-2012)

UGC-BUIRF (2011-2012)





4Prof. P. R. Chetana

DST (2007-2010)

BUIRF (2011-2012)

UGC-MRP (2011-2014)

DST DAAD-PPP (2015-2017)

(Indo-German Project)








5Prof. K. Shivashankar

UGC (2010-2013)

CSIR (2013-2016)

DST (2014-2017)









  • VGST : 60 Lakhs (2020-2023) CESEM (Centre of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Medicine)



Prof. M. Pandurangappa

  1. MHRD Fellowship 1992-1996, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  2. Commonwealth Academic Fellowship 2001-2002, University of Oxford, UK
  3. World Developing Scholarship 2008, University of Oxford, UK
  4. Recipient of DST Visiting Fellowship 2010, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
  5. Recipient of Award for Best Research Publication-2012 (Vision Group on Science and Technology, GoK, INDIA).


Prof. S. Hari Prasad

  1. Young Scientist Indian Chemical Society 1991Kolkata
  2. Student teachers valuation has rated 91 % as given by IQAC.


Prof. P. R. Chetana

  1. Exchange of Scientists Fellowship, by Indian National Science Academy, Visited University of Wroclaw, Poland. Year 2012
  2. DST-DAAD Visiting Fellowship 2015-17, Visited University of Ruhar, Germany,

Major Instrumental Facilities of the Department

Sl. No. Instrument No.
1 UV-Visible spectrometers 03
2 Sonicators 02
3 Powder XRD 02
4 CHN Analyzer 01
5 Peristaltic pump 01
6 Electrochemical work station 02
7 Gas Chromatograph 01
8 Gel-Doc system 01
9 TG/DTA 02
10 Automatic Viscometer 01
11 Atomic Absorption Spectophotometer 01
12 Humidity Chamber 01
13 Ball Mill 01

Innovations developed by the Department

Prof. M. Pandurangappa,

SENOVA pHit Scanner World’s first calibration Free, glass free pH meter Commercially  available device With all accessories

Highly Specialized Assisting Faculties             

  1. Dr. Mahuya De Ghosh
  2. Dr. Mahalakshmi L
  3. Dr. Roopesh Kumar L
  4. Dr. Deepa Patil
  5. Dr. V Venkatesh
  6. Dr. Afshan Banu
  7. Dr. Prasad N L
  8. Dr. Arun Kumar N S
  9. Dr. Mary Anne Anitha
  10. Dr. Jagannath K V
  11. Ms. Priya Vima
  12. Ms. Shalini B C