About Bengaluru City University

State Public Affiliating University, Established in 2017

We have been serving the knowledge industry with the help of esteemed torchbearers of information and expertise. We are recognized as a leading institute of higher education in India. Preparing our students to be professionals in creating or re-creating, being appreciative of their skill, and learn to monetize it rightly. Creating entrepreneurs can be overwhelming, but with us, it’s a journey towards evolution.

BCU Bengaluru City University Building


Encourage a quivering culture by promoting an open exchange of knowledge and ideas among academia, government, industry, community, and society. Enrich the social, economic, cultural, and political heritage by leveraging the city's human capital and resources and the region.


Our mission is to create, disseminate, and apply knowledge and nurture the appropriate milieu for this endeavor. Develop among students a spirit of inquiry, respect for labor, and social conscience. Enhance the reputation, growth, and potential of Bengaluru as a leading global metropolis.


With our 160th Anniversary of the Central College, it is retaking birth as Bengaluru Central University. With a vintage practice of over a century, we certainly have the daunting responsibility to live up to the standards set by our legacy. We sincerely believe that we thrive in our mission.

It started in the year 1858, and the legacy continues ever since.

The Torchbearers of Knowledge.

Create leaders of tomorrow across scientific, socio-economic, cultural, and political domains. Be a gateway to knowledge for all while actively promoting access, affordability, equity, and inclusiveness.