Bachelor of Arts

Degree Code : BA

Study Campus

Bengaluru City University Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru- 560001, Karnataka. Phone : (080) 2213 1385


Bachelor of Arts or BA is one of the most popular undergraduate programs that students pursue right after passing 12th in India, a three-year course Arts program.

Study Campus

Bengaluru City University Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru- 560001, Karnataka. Phone : (080) 2213 1385

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“The first step to understanding creativity, history & literature.”

Encourage the most outstanding characteristic of analysis in Arts that illustrates enthusiasm, the amplitude of vision, and creativity. Revitalize fashion, architecture, and communication to contribute independent knowledge and further understanding through research processes.

Effect Of BA Bachelor of Arts Degree

     Amidst higher than 9 million people choosing to pursue BA, here are some facts to encourage you to enroll:

  • A bachelor of arts degree contributes numerously assorted and varied profession options.
  • Aspirants can work in Healthcare, Management, Business, Finance, Commerce, or any other sector.
  • Hounding BA is the best opportunity for those who aspire to serve in the government sector.
  • The study of arts via BA course places more emphasis on emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Why Bengaluru City University

We create endless possibilities for our graduates so that they achieve their ambitions with proper guidance.

Exploring Opportunities

A claimant achieves a career in distinct fields after obtaining a BA degree. One can study further, i.e., pursue an MA course in the same discipline they pursued their graduation. BA graduates can implement for Religious Studies, Civil Services, Public Administration, Event Planning, BPOs, International Relations, any Government sector, and more.

Additional Education Guidelines

We also help you progress career-specific experiences and characteristics solicited in the industry. Develop academic networks through conducting workshops, corporate gatherings, knowledge voyages, student exchange programs, and internships that bring endless possibilities to create great career paths.

Program Highlights

  • Practical researches
  • Experienced learning
  • Skilled lecturers
  • Exceptional live classes

Professional improvement arrangements are formed by contemporary business standards and reflect on our involvement in building a different workforce, which will meet the challenges in the industry—our curriculum is designed to make students crack industry interviews easier.

With intense lectures and immeasurable knowledge, we assure you of communicative, written, and interactive fluency in this soft skill.